Good Business – Tasty Greek

Today in Dallas while waiting to go to the airport I stopped at this restaurant Tasty Greek.
Let me start with the food was undoubtedly the best Greek food I have ever had. These people care about making good food and you can taste it!

More importantly I saw a trait in the owner of this business that I know deserves to be exemplified. A quality that goes beyond incredibly delicious food what I am referring to is compassion.

As I was sitting at the other end of this quaint restaurant I overheard a conversation between the owner and another customer. The customer was a scrappy looking older dude unkempt is a safe description without making any assumptions. The customer apparently didn’t have the cash to pay for his food and with a genuine smile the owner simply says Merry Christmas in a thick accent. The customer said he could come back later and pay but the owner was not having it he just said come back again.

I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal but perhaps I can help illuminate the value of this with my perspective. The business world’s sight is clouded with greed and fear.
This man’s ability to understand the value of people over money will undoubtedly resonate with his customers. In turn these customer will have a positive emotional experience linked to the memory of good quality food. Eventually he will leave such a positive impact that someone such as I will not hesitate to tell everyone they know about that experience.

Thanks Tasty Greek I plan on returning to eat sometime with a loved one so they can enjoy your amazing food.

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