Window of my Wisdom

Life twists & turn full of beautiful lessons as we learn. It’s like a game, learn the lesson & go onto the next. IMHO ~ Wisdom will grow when we surrender to the fact that we don’t know. When we say I know, then maybe we close the door on what is about to be unveiled to us? Just my thoughts as I peacefully ponder. ~<3~ Leslie

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  1. Just like Bruce Lee said, “Be water”

    • Love that Jay! Water goes around rocks not through them. Remembering that kept me from freaking & maybe drowning when I was rafting the rapids one time. Once I relaxed & remembered was fearless & fun! TY!

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    “I let life come to me because chasing it is futile…like a dog chasing its tail, never getting anywhere. The world is backwards, upside down & inside out. We are taught the opposite of what is true, though not out of meanness but out of conditioning of aeons of heritage. Life is effortless & it is a beautiful thing. So much writing I have done yet so few that understand. I feel so blessed to be at one with the few that do.” Much love till next time! ~<3~ Leslie Smith

  3. I noticed I said the word “of” several times after re-reading my post last night which reminds me again that I live in this world not of the world. I define & refine my world. The world does not define, dictate or declare who I Am. The world is just my beautiful playground to in joy while I Am a breathing animated Being in the flesh. I hope & pray everyone gets how wonderful, beautiful yet so unique we all truly are! Great reminder as I wrote that late last night! : ) Now I awaken to another awesome day! Here I go!!

  4. Awesome replies, Leslie. I like the way you think. The water going around a rock is also a metaphor for us being flexible to difficult people. Some people can be rocks, and it’s our job as water to move around them and continue on with where our hearts are leading us.

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