Enjoying the Ride!

Good Afternoon!

Today I want to share a subject that has been illustrated to me in so many ways that I feel it would only be selfish for me not to share it.

I do feel I should preface this a bit. MY interpretation of this expression is that while it is important to go places the destination should never hold more value than the journey. Cool now that is out-of-the-way.

In today’s technology driven world we have been provided a gift that definitely has a dual edge, instant gratification. When I was younger this was my soap box for why people did not value the merits of hard work or perseverance. Honestly not much has changed on my opinion on this though I am no longer interested preaching to others about it like it is some sort of evil but hopefully show people how to take advantage of it without losing the intrinsic appreciation that comes from taking your time and enjoying the process as much as the results.

Let’s get real people, as soon as the light-bulb was invented we have been trying to figure out how to squeeze every ounce of productivity out the day,  which in turn has led us to create some amazing devices that allow us to create and do things in minutes that used to take hours or even days. While I do feel this is a very good thing because it allows us to spend our time focusing on the things we truly enjoy it regrettably has a nasty little side effect. When people speak of my generation two words normally come out,: entitlement and impatience. I would to love to prove them wrong but sadly these assertions have quite a bit of truth and at first it hurt, then clicked.

With everything we have been raised around, our time has been incredibly free to do as we please and realistically speaking  anything we want is pretty much a click, phone call or car drive away for those of us living in the more developed countries that is. Being of that generation I am definitely guilty of some these aspects as well, thankfully not as much as others.

Let’s investigate this though as we know that our children are normally products of their habitat, then what could have possibly caused these traits to have such a  strong manifestation. Ding! No that’s not a microwave that’s the sound my mind makes when one of my thoughts resonates with my heart. Seriously though I would say the microwave is a great expression of why we as a generation are not interested in the process of anything compared to the end result.  Since we were young we have been able to take a shoddy product insert it into a device and seconds later out comes “food”. A simple process like this in our daily lives created the habitual perception of instant gratification thus in turn our brains never received the emotional temperament that is forged through the process of hard work and patience that could come from a simple daily act of preparing a meal from scratch.

Now of course there are quite a few other reasons for these characteristics in my generation but this is an easy example that I think clearly represents the nutrient void product that results from a process undertaken solely for the results and not for the process itself. With that being said I’m also a firm believer in using technology to save time because I  know I have other things I would like to do with my time than walk to the store to get the ingredients along with current societal time constraints that part of the process to me is not where the value lies. By all means though I could be wrong.

Sadly what is overlooked ,in this whole observational process, is the damage this does to my generation because most other generations are just too busy complaining about it.

We as human being need to be able to give ourselves time to grow and mature, normally a whole life time. Since we are so caught up in the rapid pace of our environment we tend to have these same expectations for ourselves. Which leads to unrealistic expectations for our accomplishments and progress towards our own objectives, thus we perceive our need for the process of growing as a failure because according to everything else in our life we are behind schedule. Eventually this leads people such as myself to believe there is no purpose to life because it would take you so long to accomplish something that it is better to not even start since there is always the potential of failure.

A beautiful expression for this in my life is music. When I ask people if they play an instrument and they say no it is normally because they were “no good” at it. What I then usually reply to them is well were you good at everything you do the first time you tried it. Occasionally I get a yes for two reasons either they are one of those genetic anomalies that really is good at everything or they are completely in denial, but that is neither here nor there.

So through our daily habits of instant gratification we have gotten some really nasty habits that are very destructive to everyone involved in our world a short list being, entitlement, impatience, apathy, distraction and simply a lack of appreciation for the all beauty and splendor this life has to offer.

Today as I was getting ready for work I was preparing my lunch and breakfast at the same time, a fresh spinach salad and some delicious oatmeal. I washed my spinach and left it out to dry a bit before putting it up so I proceed to prepare my oatmeal. When I look back over at my spinach it appears I had been fortunate enough to attract a mythical being, a lady bug! At that moment I stopped my feverish pace took some pictures of it crawling on my greens because the color contrast was awesome and then made sure to put her outside so that she didn’t get squashed in my kitchen by accident.  A few minutes prior to this I had just been telling myself how much I needed to hurry because I had things to do at work. Then I just laughed at myself as this was a perfect way for me to take my own advice and enjoy the ride on this amazing journey called life.

Thanks for sticking around and know that I LOVE YOU!

Ladies Love Me

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