LOVE – A Word that Falls Short – Pt 2


Today I will be writing the second installment in my series on the word LOVE. If you missed out on the first part please visit the link below.

As this subject is one of great value to me I will be writing this subject in installments over the next few weeks that way I can keep a little variety to my content. Hopefully by the end of these entries you will understand why I think that the word LOVE does not do justice to the wide gambit of emotions that we are trying to express through its use.

The next lesson I had in LOVE was definitely humbling and so cliche that it only left me feeling like a fool. One that makes you realize what you have been looking for was right in front of your eyes like the old expression of hiding in plain sight. I’ll tell you it was like seeing your own reflection and noticing you are that cow with it’s head stuck in a barbed wire fence while standing in a lush field of alfalfa.

I was at the end of my rope and regrettably I had never been good at tying knots, so my grip on reality was quite weak. I needed to regroup and start creating a little more stability in my life. Fortunately I was still LOVEd by many regardless of how selfish or downtrodden I was at that time. A good friend, more of a brother (Philia), offered to speak with his father about letting me move into their extra bedroom and paying rent to them until I could get back out on my own.

Needless to say this was more than I deserved, but LOVE (Agape) knows no bounds and once again I found myself in another house of LOVE in all its facets. This family was amazingly beautiful and I don’t mean in the superficial pretty type of way, the values I noticed while watching them interact really set the standard for how I now perceive LOVE in the nuclear family. The simple acts of kindness they committed for each other really opened my eyes to the purpose of internal cooperation.

For so long in my own family I had the negative perception of just seeing how well I could manipulate others to get my own way that watching them do things for their LOVEd ones just because they LOVEd them really blew me away. Of course most of the acts of LOVE  were nothing spectacular in their own eyes just the simple things they were taught to do for each other by example of their amazing parents.

These simple acts of kindness really illustrated to me the value of all the little things my family had done and would later develop into my understanding of how our nuclear families are just a part of a much larger family that could really use to benefit from that LOVE. After a couple of months of observing their LOVE and kindness, my life was becoming a little more healthy and stable. So I gracefully took my leave and decided to move out, honestly speaking this was a very painful parting because at the time I was not sure I could see the LOVE they contained within myself.

I thanked them for all their hospitality, and with sincerity they let me know I was always welcome in their home. Then I proceeded to move out for some much needed time to myself. What really strikes me as amazing was during all this time I was being provided real lessons in Agape so that I could assess my own misuse of this word, just as a gentle reminder from my heart to my head saying, “please do not speak on things you do not comprehend”

So let me wrap this installment up with saying please don’t let those little acts of LOVE go unappreciated or ever stop giving them just because you don’t think they are noticed, because they are and they tend to have the most profound effect upon people you least expected.

As always



I want to take this opportunity to provide a special thank you to a very special woman who I recognized as being a divine expression of motherly LOVE and grace. Kathy was the mother of this great family that I had the immense privilege of bearing witness to. Although she was suffering from cancer and completely exhausted from Chemotherapy she made sure to keep doing all the little things that really illustrated LOVE in the deepest most sincere way. As with all great souls their impression’s on this world are timeless.

February 3, 1958- October 11, 2010

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Raised as a preacher's kid for most of his adolescence, Sam is a young man who has come value LOVE and AUTHENTICITY more than anything else. Through the creation of MoreThanGold he hopes to provide a space for personal growth that will inspire others to remember their true worth.

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