Acceptance – For your Sanity

Hey everyone sorry for the silence I have been one busy little dude.

Just a quick insight into my life right now, yesterday I started massage therapy school full time which I am super excited about don’t worry I’ll provide some more details on what I learn and how returning to school has effected this dropout in a later article of course.

Today I am writing about acceptance, some people call it tolerance or being open minded but specifically I am wanting to talk about how acceptance is actually the only way our species will be able to survive over the next few turbulent years.

Now I am not some great prophet nor do I believe that I have some unique ability to see the future, but I am very confident in my ability to be consciously aware of our present circumstances. It doesn’t take a clairvoyant to see that our planet and more specifically America is a little overdue for a time out.

When we look at current global issues I can safely say a lot of these really boil down to honest hardworking people not listening to their hearts and allowing others their own unique right to be.

Sounds a little vague? What does it mean to let someone be?

It’s pretty simple to me at least it means loving your neighbor enough to allow them to make decisions in their life that you may not agree with. For too long we human beings have used a survival mechanism of division so that if we ever felt threatened by someone then we can find others that belong to a similar mindset and feel safety in numbers.

In the dark ages this worked, in feudalism this worked, in the renaissance this worked, pretty much through all of history this has worked…… until now! It’s incredibly imperative that we start looking at these divisions and start dismantling them before they dismantle us.

Let’s look at some of our greatest historical figures, ones that actually helped the evolution of the human spirit, they all discussed this in their own way. What really came from most of them is that they told us to love one another as we would want to be loved. Now I know this seems like an over simplification of some of these great teachers and I’m not trying to diminish each’s individual contribution furthering our understanding of this beautiful miracle called life. What I am trying to do is take an objective standpoint of looking at all these great leaders and what central theme resonated through their works, it’s pretty obvious the word LOVE stands out incredibly strong.

LOVE being the kind of acceptance to allow others their freedom to think, feel and do as they see fit in their lives. I do not for a second think this means you will allow others to walk on you because as a parent should know when to LOVE their child and set boundaries I believe that we as adults should be able to do the same for each other.

Let me delve into this a bit, when another person says or does something that you don’t agree with think for a second before you speak. Does this person’s decision have an effect on me? If it doesn’t then do I believe this decision could do harm to them or others? If you can answer yes to either of these I would agree you need to speak up and share your insights in a respectful manner. If no then ask yourself would I like receiving the unsolicited advice or opinions of others? Am I allowing this persons decision to rob me of my serenity?

Realistically speaking there are a ton of simple acronyms you can use to create a thought process like this but I personally believe all of this could really be prefaced with a more important question. Does this person’s decision make them less worthy of being LOVEd and respected as I would want to be? I hope for your own sake that you can answer that honestly it should always be no because you are worth being LOVEd and respected equally as well.

Additionally I want to discuss a very nasty trend I have noticed among some of the people in my life that I LOVE and respect dearly. There is this terminology coming up in two directions one is “conspiracy theorist” while the other is sheeple. Now forgive me for starting with the easy one first “conspiracy theorist”, this term is really kind of pointless and I think when you are calling someone this you are only trying to put a derogatory term to a very positive attribute, if we didn’t have people who were willing to question the status quo then we would never have progress.

Now to all of my tin foil hat wearing brethren, what makes you think insulting others and calling them names will make them want to listen to you? If you are so interested in sharing your intelligent, educated, and revolutionary insights, why not do it in a productive way that inspires others to want to think for themselves? This lesson was fairly hard for me to learn as well when I as younger. My dad had some very simple advice for me that really started the growth process for me, he said, ” Sam you don’t have to go to every fight you are invited to”

This profoundly simple advice did not hit home until a couple years after it was shared but around that time an even more humbling thought came to mind,”Who am I to say what someone else should believe?” I’ll tell you this really brought me to a much more peaceful place in my life where I openly shared my opinions when they were asked for or simply realized that it is not my place to make others see life my way it is only my place to help them see it their’s.

If you think that we as a species are going to be able to handle the upcoming trials and hardships as a divided populace then I really hope you are right but from what I can tell there is only one way for us to really see success so that our children and their children can enjoy half of the simple pleasures we did when we were young. The funny thing about life is just because it’s simple doesn’t always mean that it’s easy so as simple as loving one another sounds it’s quite the enormous endeavor but I have absolute faith in all of you because I know there are no limits to the potential of humanity when we decide to cooperate and more importantly I know because I am seeing this change already starting to happen in so many ways.


As always THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU!


About sardeneaux

Raised as a preacher's kid for most of his adolescence, Sam is a young man who has come value LOVE and AUTHENTICITY more than anything else. Through the creation of MoreThanGold he hopes to provide a space for personal growth that will inspire others to remember their true worth.

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