Fun – An Experience Best Shared

Good evening folks.

Been awfully quiet around here, I know that will change once I have gotten into the swing of this school, work, love life and blog writing circus I seem to have created for myself lately.

Until then I must say THANK YOU for your patience and kindness.

FUN? This word seems to have a lot of definitions that really vary based off the of individual who is experiencing it. Most people would go with the common definition (please read in a boring monotone voice) FUN– activities that are enjoyable or amusing.

Honestly I think this relates to the expression “Let’s do something FUN!” as being a common idea that having FUN requires you to be doing something other than what you normally do.

A couple years ago to me FUN usually involved the ingestion of some sort of mind altering substance then proceeding to escape from the present moment by creating an alternate reality.

Funny thing about that process is that as you come back to reality your discontent for the present has only grown because now you are physically taxed from not being in touch with your natural indicators of discomfort or fatigue. Additionally you are now completely aware that whatever present moment event you were trying to avoid still exists and has rarely if ever been resolved through the use of substance. Along with the simple fact that most of those substances are not cheap in cost of money or brain cells.

I can tell you now things are quite different after a couples years of coming down from the high of those substances they all pretty much ended the same regardless of the substance in use. They all end with you feeling alone and empty, as a species this hits on some major soft spots, our sense of belonging and purpose really seem to make our journey through this unpredictable experience called life just a little more bearable.

It took a lot of those endings for me to really come to appreciate what I have found now in my life and that is most likely due to my strange affinity to the let down of a high. I can say without a doubt that the introspective self awareness that came with a return to “normality” was definitely my silver lining for all of the abuse my body and mind took while foolishly avoiding that which I sought.

Eventually I did start to recognize the futility of what I was doing along with the havoc I was wreaking on my most valuable asset, my physical being. I can’t say that this process went unassisted, when you have a seizure while on a substance it normally causes you to reflect upon that experience and a simple correlation can be made, I have never had a seizure when not on that substance so in that assumption then the substance may not be so good for my health.

The seizure was one of those moments that really causes reality to sink in fast, sobering is not really a word that fits anymore I would go as far as to say disillusioning. What is more strange though is I can remember vividly what having a seizure was like from my perspective.

It was warm, peaceful, relaxing and familiar. I felt like I was on a beach somewhere I had been before but didn’t really recognize, the next thing i know there is someone standing over me yelling. Of course this a not the ideal way to snap back into reality from such a serene experience as I recall saying “why are you yelling at me?” Then that question was followed by, “why am I on the floor?”

The pieces of the other people’s experiences start flying together to create a full picture of the occurrence so that our intentionally handicapped minds can comprehend what just happened. But I can clearly say now that the feeling I got while in that seizure was one that I will never forget.

FUN to me now has definitely taken on a much more simplistic approach, one that is steeped in gratitude for immense pleasure found within the present moment. Now I find myself enjoying the little things like spending time at the grocery store with a woman who enjoys my presence as much as I do hers. Playing Legos or using my imagination with her son without concern for the judgement of others.  Eating dinner with my brother and occasionally driving him home if he drank any alcohol. Hanging out with my friends while we talk or play music. Picking my dad up from the airport and driving him home.

When looking at all these activities named there seems to be only one common thread, it’s not about what you are doing, but more about who you are sharing that moment with. So I think we should look at FUN like we do our favorite recipes, it’s best when shared with people you LOVE.

So do me a favor next time you say, “let’s go do something FUN!” stop and think for a minute on whether or not you are giving the individual you are sharing that moment with the appreciation they deserve for being a part of your life. Remember there are no guarantees for duration, frequency or quality of the time you get with those you value the most so do your best to enjoy that moment with them and make sure you have FUN regardless of what activity that may involve.

About sardeneaux

Raised as a preacher's kid for most of his adolescence, Sam is a young man who has come value LOVE and AUTHENTICITY more than anything else. Through the creation of MoreThanGold he hopes to provide a space for personal growth that will inspire others to remember their true worth.

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