Faith, patience, hope, determination, perspiration

Faith is not a question of clinging to the unrealistic notion that we will be gifted with amazing things if we simply believe we are worthy of them.  Nope, faith in the way things play out externally is trusting our own aptitudes within to manifest these things.  Some of us spend a lot of time doubting things are possible instead of simply trying them, and this paralysis by cynicism can immobilize us to the very core.  Often, a cynical person will slowly lumber towards something, but it’s always lacking of the element to make them content, thus reinforcing that same cynicism.

Sometimes we just have to bleed, sweat and cry tears down the roads we travel, up the mountains we climb, because we never know one day who might see our previous signs of stuggle and triumph, down those same roads and up those same mountains.

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A vessel of beliefs, opinions, words and actions.

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