You may or may not have noticed that my page is advertisement free and I can clearly say that is for a reason.

Just from looking at the title you can assume that I am particularly motivated by money. I wanted to create a space where readers could come and enjoy some insightful or thought invoking reads without the typical bombardment they receive on most other websites. This is not meant to be a holier than thou kind of thing just wanting to keep my message crystal clear that there a lot of things in life that are worth MORE THAN GOLD.

Does this mean that I am never going to use my cultivated following for the means of promoting companies or products i like? Not at all this means that I will have direct control over who is benefiting from my hard and that they represent a certain ideal or perspective I appreciate.

This is the first of a very select few brands that I would love to share with the world. CreativeKinds is a beautiful young company that is interested in creating products that provide an uplifting message and then donating a portion of there proceeds to a rotating door of different Indiegogo projects.

The founder of this company Melissa Jennewein is an amazing young lady who is leveraging her strong heart and sharp mind to shape the world as she travels the globe sharing her message with anyone that she has the privilege to meet. She is also actively involved in a free hugs for the world campaign that you can check out at the link below.

Please take some time and visit her website and show some support for this modern day hero!

As always you are worth MORE THAN GOLD



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