Curious? (About)

Why hello you are a curious one aren’t you?

That’s okay I love curious people that means they have a desire to know more.

So let me first start with THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU.

This may seem a little strange but I know for a fact that I LOVE YOU.

Do you know why?

Of course you don’t or if you do get out of my head that’s a private place and you might get hurt.

I’ll get to the point though. You probably want to know what this place is about, why it was created and who is the mysterious person that seems to be talking right now?

Well to answer the last question first, the person talking is you silly, no I kid sorry. My name is Sam. Well I have a longer version but realistically that isn’t necessary as I’m a pretty simple person so of course I like my name to reflect that. I could provide you a long winded description of the physical manifestation that is writing and its history, or I could simply let you view the content within my domain and form an opinion for yourself. Once you do get to know me you will see that is something I value more than you just accepting what I tell you to think.

So on to the next question, why was this place created?

For most of my life I have noticed that people seem to have been tricked into believing what is important or valuable. Originally this lead me to be very discouraged and depressed as I felt alienated from a world that I couldn’t really relate to. Eventually that changed due to some amazing life experiences and extraordinary people. As I continued to get to know myself I realized that just because people had been tricked doesn’t mean they could not change.

With that being said, I started thinking, dangerous stuff I know, that thinking. How might I be able to help people remember that this planet is full of so much inherent value and beauty?

Then it happened I decided I would create a place for people(myself included) to come and share things they consider important.

Oh wait, how could I reach people that may not like all the stuff I do?

After reviewing some of my more popular Facebook posts I noticed that people from all kinds of walks of life seemed to love my self reflections and inner musings. I’m not going to pretend that I was some great writer or philosopher, from what I could tell people enjoyed reading those things because it reminded them of their humanity. You know that thought got my brain really going, What is the most valuable thing that we as people have ….. our humanity.

So…. I created this place to help remind people of all the things that are worth More Than Gold.

The last question is actually a complicated answer that can only be revealed through my actions on this page. As a general summary I will be providing quotes, images, thought invoking blog posts, written articles, videos, music and more (I know its the more that’s really appealing).

Wow! You made it this far you must be pretty patient too, looks like you might be going somewhere in life, you can be patient and curious at the same time. Let me wrap this all up with saying THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!

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