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Love is the opposite of competition

She says “I’m not into the same things you are, but this girl is, why don’t you get with her?  Maybe she’d be better for you.”

She doesn’t get it.  I love her.  Our society can sometimes be caught up in consumption, discarding older outdated things, for newer, faster, sleeker versions.  But love isn’t about consuming, using up, only to discard.  It’s as sustainable as sustainable can be.  There is no new version of love, for it is timeless and infinite, and it only ends when we allow ourselves to not be grateful in the present, with who and what we have.

Faith, patience, hope, determination, perspiration

Faith is not a question of clinging to the unrealistic notion that we will be gifted with amazing things if we simply believe we are worthy of them.  Nope, faith in the way things play out externally is trusting our own aptitudes within to manifest these things.  Some of us spend a lot of time doubting things are possible instead of simply trying them, and this paralysis by cynicism can immobilize us to the very core.  Often, a cynical person will slowly lumber towards something, but it’s always lacking of the element to make them content, thus reinforcing that same cynicism.

Sometimes we just have to bleed, sweat and cry tears down the roads we travel, up the mountains we climb, because we never know one day who might see our previous signs of stuggle and triumph, down those same roads and up those same mountains.

Solar Power – Cost is no longer an excuse

As the Department of Defense continues with their building of solar installations, it will cause an inevitable drop in PV solar prices and advances in efficiency. The rise in residential solar installations will also have an enormous impact on major power companies, with many people choosing to go off-grid. Watch out TXU, NRG, etc., you might have to draw in the reigns a bit over the next decade. Energy decentralization is on the horizon, and the job market will adjust itself accordingly.

Solar Parity


Gary Busey, blessed with brain damage from a motor cycle accident, is able to live his life completely in the present and once came up with an acronym for what fear really means “false evidence appearing real”.  I thought at the time it was a great and clever insight into the nature of this word most of us live our lives trying to conquer, in one way or another.  But over time I have come to realize that fear is not some shadowy demon I must focus my energy on slaying, and tried in my best way to transcend labels of being courageous or fearful.  There is so much more to life than this duality of fear or lack there of (be it love, liberation, whatever you take its opposite to be).

Fear at its worst is something that can overpower a person, cause them to fight, flee, or freeze, but at its best, it is something that accomplishes the exact same thing.  Sometimes we need to fight, sometimes we need to run away, and sometimes we just need to sit still, especially if our heads will be blown off by a potential mugger for moving.  Perhaps we can romantically think we’re immune to fear, but there are plenty of situations I would rather not be continually exposed to, in order to slowly condition the fear response out of me, and banish it from my very being.  Does that mean I will die without living a full life?  Maybe I should be afraid of dying without getting rid of my fear of lions.  In the meantime, though, that seems to be entertaining a fear of fear itself, and ultimately a case of fear I seldom feel, and don’t think will make too much of a difference to me, until I decide it’s necessary to conquer.

Until the day of dying without conquering my fear of lions becomes a prominent fear in my frontal lobe, I will not be too hard on myself.