Sam’s Influences

I have been blessed to come across some profoundly wise people in my travels of the internet and I would love for you to see what these amazing people can offer you as well!


Susan Harper Todd.

This extraordinary woman inspired me to start listening to my heart again and living a life authenticity.

Susan Harper Todd (Sue)

My goal is to help you live your BEST life. To give you the tools to give this life your best shot and make it a really great one.

And by that I mean ALL aspects of your life. Once you start working with your intuition which is your Sixth Sense, you start living the life you were born to lead. And believe me this is a magical feeling.


This genuine soul has a beautiful smile and wisdom that is bound to make you relax just a little more in life.

Ralph Smart (Kemet Prince)

Ralph Smart is a Psychologist. Author. Counsellor. Life Coach. Relationship Guide. Alchemist. Researcher. Radio Host. Musician. Graphic Designer. Cinematographer. & Infinite Being.

Awarded with a ‘BA Combined Honours’ in: ‘Psychology’ and ‘Criminology’-human nature fascinates him. The founder of ‘Infinite Waters,’ a media channel on ‘Youtube’ showcasing gripping documentaries and weekly videos about unlocking the true human potential and being a limitless being.

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