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Imperfection – Redefining Reality


This word brings up a lot of emotions in me. Of course it sounds very judgmental and negative when you take it from the general understanding of the word. Even looking up the definition is a bit of a downer.

So let me address a new definition that I think really fits more accurately and allows us to see this word in its true light.

Imperfection – the state or an instance of lacking completeness

Now when you look at it that way doesn’t really seem so bad right? Well at least it doesn’t to me, let me illustrate why this alternative definition can take the negativity right out of perception.

Let me start with a quote.

“The day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent; the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult; the day he forgives himself, he becomes wise.”

Alden Nowlan

It took me a long time to comprehend this and still takes a very large amount of conscious effort to accept and practice it. One of the best teachers I had this was my father, he used to say, “Sin was just a word they used in archery contests, it meant to miss the mark.”

This simple lesson really helped me take a word that seemed catastrophic in its use and turn it into ordinary. When people are raised in the Christian faith all too often do we hear that our sins are what will condemn us or that our imperfection is some form of weakness.

Well I am here to call bullshit on this faulty logic, what we have been tricked into believing is our weakness is actually our greatest strength. When we look at the world it is only through imperfection that progress is made, that we desire more for and from ourselves.

Growing up with red hair also helped me comprehend this beautiful deduction, when speaking genetically my red hair is a mutation, or an imperfection in my DNA. When observed it is a unique characteristic that helps establish my identity and I have heard countless times growing up that women pay a lot of money to recreate this imperfection. Kind of funny if you ask me.

If our imperfections make us weak then why do we spend so much time and money trying to copy them. Now I am not any kind of jewelry expert so this could be wrong but from what I have heard in my life is that the main difference between natural gemstones and their man-made counterparts is that the natural ones bear flaws or imperfections. This unique characteristics actually make them more valuable than their perfect copies.

Truly there is a pretty long list of things that really illustrate this concept but I know you are starting to get the picture. Why then are we willing to let others tell us that our imperfections make us inadequate? Some of it comes from lack of self-love, most of us hold ourselves to a much higher standard than anyone else and this is a very destructive habit.

When we remove our ego from the situation and allow ourselves to make mistakes then we can truly accept and enjoy the things about ourselves the really help us stand out from the monotony of “perfection”. What I feel this word is really trying to create is uniformity so that we have to seek our individuality through the pursuit of material wealth.

Another potential cause for us falling for this trick, is because we as humans are social creatures even if you are an introvert, you still enjoy having some contact with people though it might be less than others. When we are told that we are imperfect and we others on the outside it is very easy for us to look at them and think they have it all together.

Our faults seem to shout within our minds so loud that we can not even hear our other thoughts occasionally, while their faults seem non-existent. They only seem that way I promise we are all fighting our own battles within and of course your flaws seem to be much more visible, you see them everyday and as long you consider them a weakness your mind will look at them that way and try to solve a “problem” that doesn’t exist or need to be solved.

So let’s look at this world no longer in contempt of the imperfection that we notice just in splendor and awe of the potential for change that comes through all of the unique artistic imprints that we have been blessed with.

As always you are worth MORE THAN GOLD.



Imperfection – Quotes

Once you accept that we’re all imperfect, it’s the most liberating thing in the world. Then you can go around making mistakes and saying the wrong thing and tripping over on the street and all that and not feel worried.
Paloma Faith

We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
Sam Keen

The world is not imperfect or slowly evolving along a path to perfection. No, it is perfect at every moment, every sin already carries grace in it.
Herman Hesse

Once we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes.
George Soros

Imperfection Music Video

Just a nice video on the subject I will be writing about later today.


GENEROSITY – The GIFT that gives back!

I wanted to keep with the trend for the video I posted today so I thought I could use this time to share how GENEROSITY  has helped me and give y’all some articles to research if you are interested in the science behind this new practice in SELF-WELLNESS.

For this entry I am going to ask you to do some time travelling with me.

Let’s step back a little over a decade and a half…… watch your step my teens were quite the slippery slope.

There I lay in the doctor’s office again. Plain colored walls with pictures of some unfortunate people who seem to have been cut in half with their insides all exposed for the world to see. Yes you are correct I did say again as it was a pretty frequent thing for me during those years. My thoughts are racing and the silence of the sterile room sounds like nails on a chalkboard to a young mind that wants to desperately to not feel or think.

The door makes a noise, oh thank god something other than my own thoughts, in walks a doctor  I can’t remember too much about the fellow honestly but I do remember he was a middle-aged Caucasian slightly over weight pretty much your stereotypical doctor in a small Texas town. Now that I look at it that may be just what my mind has decided to remember about this character he may actually be nothing of that sort, either way if you can’t tell that is not the focus of this story.

I am asked, “Abdominal PAINs huh? I remember your older brother came through here a couple of years ago with a similar issue.” He was definitely right a few years prior my brother had been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Since then my family had been growing through some growing PAINs that were testing us all. He calls in a nurse who has a strange apparatus in tow that I soon find out is an ultrasound.

What is this foolishness I’m not pregnant?

They ask me to lay on my back and pull up my shirt then proceed to apply some incredibly cold gel to my abdomen, then I hear it……. my stomach growls, I’m hungry. What did you think I was pregnant? As interesting as that would be, thankfully I was not because just being pregnant at 10 would have been tough but also being a the first male pregnancy of that age would probably have been too much for me to cope with. For the next 20 minutes or so they press their instrument down deeply on my stomach, I was just waiting for a beep from some sort of UPC since the tool seemed to look like what the people at the grocery store used.

The doctor finishes scanning my insides and notices nothing of importance then proceeds to say, “This is most likely a case of IBS.” From that point on I spent the following years attempting to make myself forget the PAIN with many various vices all interchangeable by age and available money.

Reflecting on that time in my life I can admit most of it was probably psycho-systemic. Around that age my parents were getting divorced and with my brother being genuinely sick I wasn’t getting as much attention as I really desired.  This is meant to be a pity party but just a genuine insight into my own thought process and how powerfully destructive it was on my life.

I’m not going to spend my time discussing escapism today that is an article for another time. What I will say though is that after years of burying that junk deep down inside me it had started eating away at my insides again and there was no amount or quality of cannabis that could save me from my repressed emotions.

Ready to do some more time travel? Trust me the parts we are skipping would only detract from the point of this entry.

Fast forward about a dozen plus years I’m 24 years old and the intensity of the PAIN in my stomach had me spending nights on the bathroom floor, to wake up in the morning with a mixed feeling of nausea and constipation that would bring tears to my eyes. Realistically I am a bit of a wimp so it’s possible I have a very low PAIN threshold.

Eventually the human spirit can only take so much and around that time my body was telling me that certain habits I had were not serving a purpose in my life so I started changing them to see what relief I could find. I was doing yoga, eating a special kind of diet, and even listening to self-help books on audio. Though all of these were improvements in my life style and helped me reach a point of sanity they were not really doing much for the PAIN. Of course I never let my family know this because I really didn’t want them to worry or keep bugging me.

Then it happened a couple of months ago I started looking back into my past to think of times when my PAIN in my stomach was not so constant. The most consistent times were in times of sincere GENEROSITY. Of course I am no doctor probably about the exact opposite of that but I was willing to try being more generous because it appealed to the romantic idealist in me and it might just alleviate some of this discomfort. After just practicing for a couple of months I can tell you my energy level is through the roof, my desire to smoke cannabis is almost non-existent (I did say almost) and my stomach PAINs are very few and far between.

So let me make a simple suggestion, try performing at least one deed of GENEROSITY a week, try this for at least three weeks. Something tells me you might want to start doing it more often than once a week and when the flood gates open you will really start seeing the HEALTH effects and then you can thank me for making you into a GENEROSITY JUNKIE.

Glad you stuck around