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Community – The Roots of Life


The Roots of Life


Imagine a tree, towering above the shrubbery, providing shade for all things below it. A stoutly behemoth that uses its innate wisdom to cultivate various forms of life.

Abundance and prosperity surround this timeless epicenter, undoubtedly caused by the fruit naturally produced through energy gathered from thousands of leaves and nutrients absorbed by a complex underground network. Whether that fruit is taken by another creature as sustenance or left to decompose their life is returned to the earth in a symbiotic dance of life.

What allows the tree to bear its fruit?

Well that is quite simple, it’s the life sustained by its roots. Of course there are leaves that gather energy and limbs that extend them out, there is even a sturdy trunk that holds the weight of all the limbs, leaves and fruit.

For most trees though none of this would be possible without an anchored base to build upon that provides a consistent supply of nourishment. By all means do not get me wrong the tree requires every part to function in order to produce a delicious treat that allows them to propagate.

Recognizing the parallels of life.

A common trend in life is that most organisms are comprised of individual organs working collaboratively. Whether they are as simple as the parts of a tree or you break it down to the microorganisms that function within our plasma and allow us to assimilate nutrients.

That simple perspective can be applied to most things large or small of course maybe they don’t all tie in to a tree as neatly but that is the fun when trying to reduce the complex down to it’s simple components. What seems to be overlooked, is that human beings may be complex organisms, but we are still just part of a super organism that sustains our very existence.

Calm down this is not just some tree hugging hippie telling you take care of planet earth, the truth is I am much more interested in taking a holistic approach for the world I borrow from my children. I consider the current state of our beautiful blue spaceship and the chaos of its inhabitants merely symptoms.

Getting to the Root

People have to rely heavily on resources owned by companies that are so effectively designed for profit that malignant AI has been created and gone unnoticed. Mega corporations skilfully  crafted to operate with callous efficiency, a supercode of a sort that was intended to run upon the human operating system.

A distinction made about our current era in history is that people are enabled to connect on an unprecedented level of speed and range. On the opposite side of that coin comes the concept that we now feel more isolated than ever recorded.

Would the problems of this world be perceived as insurmountable if we were able to rely on the cooperation of our co-inhabitants to resolve them?

It seems like a childish question to ask, most people can admit that there is nothing that can’t be accomplished by some diligent people working towards a common goal. Well I am willing to ask about the elephant in the room, why don’t we all just start working together?

Tin foil hats aside.

The answer can be reached very simply, when the limb is severed from the tree the leaves are the first to die. We are slowly disconnecting from the very organism that supports our growth. There is a greater human consciousness at work within this world, one that our ancestors revered and their oppressors feared.

The sleeping giant that will change the world, is not just the american public or even the millennials but the good people of this world. We all do the best we can with our own resources and knowledge but know that we can only accomplish so much alone. Neighbors around the world are inviting each other over for dinner and entrepreneurs are lending their expertise to their communities.

These are just common gestures of a community, that are normally limited to smaller regions due to lack of proper organization or communication. In times past we could say it was too hard for people work effectively across larger distances, if not just because the delay in communication. The current capabilities in communication would say that excuse seems pretty flimsy.

Growing the roots.

With all of the developments in technology one could say the human tree has been moved from its staging pot to a big open forest. The root system was too crowded in it’s previous environment but now it has room to grow. People are enabled to connect in incredibly remarkable ways, distance is truly becoming an illusion and cooperation is becoming even more common.

With more than 7,000,000,000 people on this planet for you to think that you are alone means your not paying attention. we can accomplish so many great things as soon as we start seeing the similarities in people not the differences.

A great way to change your perceptions of others is by spending more time with them. The more often you find yourself amongst people with common interest, the easier it becomes for you to accept their differences and then eventually you will respect the opinions of others.

To paraphrase a popular song, “What better place than here, what better time than now?”

So let’s rebuild our communities in the way we see fit, for our own lives not the ones we have been told we have to live. It’s time we start building our communities so that we can see a positive change even the tiniest of ripples can creates waves.

I will leave you with one last question before I end this. if you were empowered through a network of supportive people, what would you like to accomplish to improve the general quality of life for others?

As always you are worth MORE THAN GOLD.



Ernest Hemingway – Peace

No weapon has ever settled a moral problem. It can impose a solution but it cannot guarantee it to be a just one.

Martin Luther – Courage

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Love

Love does not dominate; it cultivates.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Courage

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Dream

Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.

Here are some great resources to follow up from my early entry in regards to the revolution of compassion.

This article highlights the genetic factors of human beings and how altruism is actually a part of our DNA.

“Do you fork over your hard-earned money to homeless people on the sidewalk, despite the objections of friends and family members? What about when you hear a sob story on TV from a charity halfway across the world?

If you answered yes to these questions, the reason may lie in your genes. According to a recent study, a slight variation in a particular gene is associated with altruistic behavior. ”

The link below provides a basic summary of six different studies that are being conducted to show the neurological links behind compassion.

CCARE’s executive committee has initiated six major research projects on compassion and altruism. These include:

  • two “basis science research” experiments aimed at understanding the neural underpinnings of, and the brain mechanisms that are associated with, the experience of compassion and other associated mental states
  • two projects that relate more to understanding the efficacy of deliberate compassion training and its effects in specific areas—including empathy, prosocial behavior, overcoming prejudices, and generating a deeper sense of connection with others
  • a project that examines how people’s perceptions of compassion and heroism converge
  • an experiment that uses a revolutionary technology to probe the neural circuitry believed to be associated with compassion

This is the trailer to a revolutionary movie that really sparks the philosophical debate for the necessity of compassion and kindness among all creatures of our planet including people.

A onetime actor/comedian and the youngest writer to work for comedy legend Bob Hope, Tom Shadyac’s writing/directing career was launched in 1994 with the Jim Carrey smash hit Ace Ventura

In his latest project, a documentary entitled I AM, Shadyac asks some of today’s most profound thinkers, two questions – What’s wrong with our world, and what can we do about it?

Revolution – Returning to our Roots


Not the kind of our predecessors, but a new kind.

The revolution that we need must be of a new mechanism. One that has not yet been successfully accomplished, one that requires global cooperation and patience to know that most worth while endeavors take time.

The people of our planet are sick, tired, hungry, and all together down trodden. Why?

A complete answer for that is so complex that I couldn’t begin to scratch the surface in 20,000 words. But in a simple summary I could say that we have been tricked. We have long been struggling in a war without even being aware of it anymore. Daily we compete for resources like we live in a world of scarcity but when we look around there is so much abundance that food falls from trees and water falls from the sky.

While the ultimate solution is not one of simplicity the state of mind and first step towards resolution are embedded into our very nature. As a species we have only survived this long, due to our innate ability and desire to cooperate. Our brains are hardwired to learn through observation and communication, our emotions consistently fluctuate with the feelings of those around us, and the majority of people can say that their life is better spent in the company of others.

So how have we been tricked you say?

Well it’s painfully obvious when looking at “western civilization”. There is this hidden philosophy that seems to permeate all of our culture one that says,”Survival of the fittest.” Which in a way is correct but I guess more appropriately our interpretation of it is a little skewed. This quickly becomes might makes right or money is power which is so far from the truth and we are starting to see it more clearly as of late.

There are probably a few skeptics in life that might say, “Money is power why do you think that rich people get away with so much evil?” or “The mighty rule over the meek with an iron fist.”

I can confidently say if we decided not use to dollars anymore most of the “rich” people on this planet would not survive as long as the people who have learned how to live and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. One mighty individual or two can do nothing to a thousand meek.  What I am trying to say from this is that these things happen the way they currently do because we allow them too.

So if survival of the fittest does not mean those things then what does it mean?

My honest perspective on it is not just the strongest, fastest, or smartest but more likely the one who can get the most done with the least effort. Sounds lazy? It could be, but what I am trying to say could probably be better illustrated through a hypothetical situation.

Let’s imagine you have some really heavy furniture to move. You can probably move it by yourself but it would take all of your energy and a couple of hours. When you take that same furniture and add the help of the three other people it takes a fraction of the time and energy which allows to your move on to other projects.

Which would you prefer?

So if a species wants to guarantee its survival then killing its own kind in competitive nature would not serve a purpose. When looking at the larger picture perhaps survival of the fittest is actually referring to ones ability to properly cooperate for a common good as a true measure of how fit you are. If you consistently try to do everything on your own eventually you will become exhausted and possibly sick.

I have a hard time believing that ancient man survived through the treacherous wilds of the untamed planet earth solely by killing off the weakest of their kind through barbaric exhibitions. To me it seems that we had to learn how to snuggle up on cold nights before fire was discovered, or take turns watching for night predators while we were still predominantly nomadic.

This concept is not new and should not be foreign, we have relied on it so much throughout our existence that it’s been coded into our very DNA. The time is coming for everyone to look around at their fellow-man, with acceptance and appreciation for the diversity we have been provided is exactly what we need to solve the ever-growing list of obstacles we face.

I am not trying to throw around judgement and say it is time we “evolve”. Evolution would require us to make an adaptation to our environment that had not previously existed. Cooperation and kindness are at the very core of our being and have been their since the beginning. The only reason it does not appear that way is because we have some how been tricked into believing compassion is a flaw.

Let’s correct the way we see kindness because it can not ever be mistaken for weakness if you do not see it that way. The time has come for us to return to our roots and start working together so we can enjoy the many wonders this beautiful life has to offer us.

As always you are worth MORE THAN GOLD.



Revolution – Quotes

Listen, the next revolution is gonna be a revolution of ideas.
Bill Hicks

Believe me, the intellectual revolution is going on, and that has to come first before you see the political changes. That’s where I’m very optimistic.
Ron Paul

A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind.
Daisaku Ikeda

The greatest revolution in our generation is that of human beings, who by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.
Marilyn Ferguson

Desmond Tutu – Good

Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.